1.6 Update

Free 1.6 Update Coming Soon

With just a few more weeks left in the year, we're happy to announce another new update is coming to Jurassic World Evolution on December 13th!

Update 1.6 will be the latest free update to hit the islands, with a slew of new sandbox options, additional maps added to challenge mode, and more.

Challenge Mode Additions

We've expanded challenge mode to include all of the islands, including the locations in Jurassic World Evolution: Secrets of Dr. Wu if you own the DLC; that's 7 new challenges that await you! You'll need to think smart, manage your money (and dinosaurs), and act fast in order to secure the all new Challenge Mode dinosaur skins. Do you have what it takes to try Jurassic difficulty?

1.6 Update

Brand New Sandbox Options

One of the features you have been asking for is more sandbox options to give more of an unlimited feel to the sandbox experience, and that's exactly why we've added the ability to adjust the following options:

  • Dinosaur aggression -- stop them fighting or make them fight more, plus some more specific options so you can play how you want to play.
  • Disable failed incubations -- you'll always have a 100% success rating when incubating your dinosaurs.
  • Toggle to disable specific dinosaur requirements -- population, social and habitat. Now you won't need to worry about your Ankylosaurus needing some alone time!
  • Charge the Hammond Foundation fee -- in case you want to add a little more challenge to your sandbox.

These new features will be accompanied by a host of smaller tweaks and fixes designed to make your playing experience even more smooth and enjoyable. We'll have more information available when the update goes live on December 13th, but in the meantime tune in to our weekly livestreams on www.twitch.tv/frontierdevelopments to hang out and chat to us about all things Jurassic World Evolution!

1.6 Update Challenge Mode


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